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getmysense Trendsetter and Follower:

„Trendsetter“ is labelled an Internet user which has found a specific „Finder“ for a word which makes it possible to assign it to specific categories. He is then owner of a so-called „Sense Page“ which highlights his profile in the online world (search engines etc.). He could loose his status if he does not attract Followers.

„Follower“ are Internet users which are attracted to a certain category or several categories and like to be informed about relevant news in this area as well as business offers. They could develop into Trendsetters.

All sensepages of a user are combined to a profile. The user remains anonymous. Only his e-mail address will be used to create the profile.

When he puts the authorlink in his sensepage to a homepage and not on his profile, the profile is not included in the page.

Please see a sample profile at profile of a getmysense manager.